Saturday, July 8, 2017

Heavenly Pancakes

Hello all!
Key the music of “peanut butter jelly time” and let’s remix it to CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKE time! Can I get a little syrup? Load up dat’ butta!
Anyways… my love and I’s lazy Saturday favorite is fluffy beyond belief pancakes. For months on end I have spent every Saturday perusing Pinterest in search of the perfect pancake recipe. Unfortunately, each recipe was never quite right. However, this Saturday I took a leap in the dark and our taste buds were awakened.
Between the butter melting down my chin, the syrup sticking to my fingers, and my eyes rolling back… It was safe to say that these pancakes were the ONE.

Below you’ll find the recipe for these fluffy cakes, that will make you yodel with joy!

Follow this link! Heavenly Pancake Recipe

Follow this link! Heavenly Pancake Recipe

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