Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Branches Winery, Coon Valley, WI

Hello all!

I am so excited to share about the weekend my love and I shared! As the twelve work days dwindled down and as the weekend neared, the pesky questions of "what to do" arose. We both felt torn as to whether boating, fishing, or SLEEPING were the best options. Eventually, we decided on driving through the backroads of La Crosse, WI with windows down and music up into Westby, WI to savor a couple flights of wine.

Branches Winery did not disappoint! Their sweet wines will impress any wine palates. As for my love he prefers a fruity wine and is always a moscato miscreant. However, I tend to lean towards a rich pinot noir. With our differences in mind, we each found a favorite! As for myself, of course I tried their reserve first, and was pleasantly surprised. Though it is not as intense as some of my favorite pinots are, I found it to be smooth and fulfilling. This wine will provide the perfect baby step (for people like my love) branching towards reds.

Now Eric on the other hand, bless his adventurous soul... Enjoyed most the "Frozen Apple Blossom" and the "Celebration Berry"... So... when we were ordering our wood fire pizza and full glass, he had the two MIXED! I must admit, it did make a beautiful color and was quite tasty.  Speaking of wood fire pizza, PLEASE order three! One to eat while you're there, one for leftovers, and one to bring to ME. Branches Winery has the most delicious wood fire pizza, that had my mouth screaming to return to Italy. My love and I devoured the Margherita pizza in two minutes, finishing with nothing but sauce and pure delight on our faces.

Of course the day couldn't end there. We had to test out my new Lew's pole in some of the nearby creeks in Coon Valley, WI. Fishing was the perfect way to end the day (and spend all the next day doing). There's just something so rugged yet picturesque about trudging through fields and manure to find the perfect spot on the creek. Trout are such a beautiful fish and thanks to my super fisherman, I always get to admire his catches and reel in some dinks of my own.

"Vino, fishing, and loving every day are the words from which this country girl prays."

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