Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Favorite Cities in Europe

As my travel bug sits atop my left shoulder and children's saliva gooks in my hair, I reminisce on the past summer filled with oodles of adventures. One year ago today, as I sat- soaked in a pile of alligator tears I dwelled on the long farewell to my love and dad (on his birthday of all days...) to spend the summer in Valladolid, Spain. For months I had been itching to experience the culture in Spain and to perfect my Spanish speaking skills. I knew the time away from my family and love would be difficult, but I was adamant on creating a summer to remember.

Madrid, Spain -One woman, a pursuit to experience the world, & a selfie stick...

Valladolid, Spain -Schoolwork submitted to studious students in summer.

Burgos, Spain -"¡Vamos a Burgos, a mi me gusta los viajes, el ritmo de la ciudad, sonidos de la gente!" 

Vienna, Austria - I could have spent all day prancing through this garden.

Naples, Italy- Pizza & gelato twice a day each day.

Capri, Italy- Magical views 

Florence, Italy- Where historic streets meet picturesque vineyards.

Chianti Vineyards in Tuscany- Svetina almost bucked me off... but HEY the perfect excuse to drink more wine.

Piza, Italy- We tried...

Europe treated me well and my travel bug is a constant reminder that I need to return one day. However, in the mean time this summer will be another one for the books!
Soon to come.....

  • Roadtrip to Tennessee! 
  • Wine gurgling and nuptials in Napa, California. 
  • Exploration in San Francisco, California. 
  • Family time in Boston, Massachusetts to visit my sweet Papa Ray and dear Nana.

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